The conclusion of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 was type of wealthy for Patek Philippe. The least we could say is that the manufacture came with a lot of novelties. Back in October 2014, the new was celebrating its 175th anniversary and they arrived with several superb watches, for example, Multi-Scale Chronograph along with the completely mind-blowing GrandMaster Chime. Thus, we could have expect Baselworld 2015 to be silent. Wrong! Patek only amazed us with a properly unexpected watch, the Patek Philippe 5905 p prix replica watch Calatrava Pilot Travel Time. However, they are coming back to fundamentals, with a pristine, clean but complex view, the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph Ref. 5905P.

There are several types of calendars that may be added to a watch. The very first one is easy, as it only displays the date (that always displays 31 days each a month and that need to be corrected 5 times annually, for the months with 30 or 28 times ). Then comes the whole / full calendar, which basically works the same but shows also the day of this week and the month (but required the very same corrections than a conventional date). On the very opposite of the selection of calendars sits on the masterpiece, one of those ultimate complication, the endless calendar. This module allows the watch to take into account the month with 30 or 31 days, but also takes into consideration the month of February (using its 28 days) and the leap years (when February has 29 days). This sort of watch just takes a corrections each 100 years (if constantly running of course) as throughout secular years (every 100 years), February has 28 days.

The Patek Philippe nautilus iced out 5905p clone ref. 5035, the first Annual Calendar created in 1996
In the middle there is another kind of calendar, an hybrid between the very simple date along with the expensive and complex endless calendar: the yearly calendar. Nearly 20 years ago, Patek Philippe 5905p replica watch review, understood to master the perpetual calendar like no one in the industry, came with a fresh idea, a calendar which will be (almost ) as practical as a QP but more secure, simpler, more dependable and mainly, more accessible. In 1996, they arrived with all the patent of a calendar opinion that required only 1 correction a year, at the transition from February to March, meaning it had been mechanically realizing 30- and 31-day months. This complication, first showed on the 18k yellow gold ref. 5035, is controlled by grooved wheels and pinions instead of rockers and levers (in a QP). This mechanism is easier to build, required less components, more dependable and protected and thus, it’s more affordable.

The Patek Philippe 5960, the first Patek to associate an annual calendar with a chronograph and the first on site self-winding chrono of Patek
This complication is because 2006 associated with a flyback chronograph with the coming of a significant watch, the Ref. 5960. This watch was the very first jelqing chronograph entirely developed and fabricated in-house by Patek Philippe 5905p-001 preis replica watches. Before this ref. 5960, the calendar linked into some chronograph by Patek was consistently a perpetual one (because the 1920s with the famous ref. 1518 to the actual ref. 5270).

The changes are largely focusing on the aesthetics. The newest Reference 5905P is a mixture of 2 watches: it utilizes clues from both its predecessor, the ref. 5960, also of the following yearly calendar, the no-chronograph edition, so-called the mention 5205. This mix is simple to imagine from the brand new reference: 5905… What we have is a watch that shares the layout and functions of the 5960 (despite several differences) and the aesthetics of this 5205.

The predecessor was coming in several editions, starting from the classical silver or gold, to the 2014 sporty edition 5960A, using a white dial, black indicators and palms along with red accents, together with a stainless steel bracelet and case. It had been featured with the 3-window yearly calendar and a chronograph but also a power reserve on the top of the dial, a 12-hour and 60-minute counter at 6 and a day night index.

This changes means also a technical update of the movement. On the other hand, the foundation remains the same, meaning that an incorporated automatic chronograph movement, using a central rotor and a contemporary appearance and layout. After the Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 5270 includes a (super ) manual motion, this one chooses to play the side. The view though the caseback may not be exactly the exact same, it remains quite an interesting and nice calibre. The chronograph function is triggered by a column-wheel with vertical clutch. It features a flyback mechanism (that allows to restart the chrono by only pressing on the pusher at 4) and boasts around 55 hours of power reserve. It’s accredited by the Patek Philippe nautilus 5905p fake watch Seal, that also controls the validity of the watch (typical of -3/+2 minutes per day).

Compared to the former variant — the ref. 5905P shows a cleaner and more elegant look. It is just simpler and this brand new monochromatic design suits better the concept of a dress chronograph. On the other hand, the increased diameter and height (42mm x 14mm to your brand new one compared to 40.5mm x 13.5mm) are questionable. If we had been in front of a sports opinion, that could have been understandable. If Patek had introduced other complications, that would happen to be clear. But, we’re in front of a watch that reveals a cleaner dial and less complications than before. This makes the case looks warmer and lighter on the wrist, although the prior one was absolutely sized. The market might be rough those bulky watches, it’s no cause for a brand like Patek to accomplish that and to decrease the elegance of the watches.


Let us be fair… The Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 5524G (the white gold version) was a hot topic of discussion when started in Baselworld 2015. Regardless of the inherent attributes of this watch, it’s been misunderstood. Too early, too radical, too distinct maybe. 3 years have passed today and there’s a new version in the collection, currently in gold with a warm brown dial, under the ref. 5524R. With this new mixture of colours, we think that it’s time for the reconciliation. Let us have a closer look in the currently quite -Patekish Rose golden Calatrava Pilot.

This new improved gold edition of the 5524 is not anything more than a change of colors — for both the case and the dial — and the men’s version of some pair of watches introduced at Baselworld 2018. Indeed, not only Patek has upgraded the men’s version but a ladies’ version has also been added into the group, the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 7234R Lady and its own 37.5millimeter case — and really, it looks entirely equivalent with just different proportions, as reported by Rebecca within her review . Two distinct sizes and a unique recipe for an extremely desirable pair of watches. So, the question is: why this quite straightforward change of colours makes such a difference? Reply a bit later in this article, following a look in the watch .

As said, the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 5524 was introduced at Baselworld 2015 as a true heritage, a correctly unprecedented watch with (at first) no actual link with Patek’s history. “A pilot’s watch by Patek? But did you say ? Yes, I did…” As I could recall, people at that time have been amazed by this brand new watch — like me as few watched the link with previous models of the brand. It stays rather unknown but Patek had fabricated pilot’s watches in the past — as we explained in our first policy of the 5524 here. As multiple other manufacturers, Patek created military and pilot watches before WWII. Back in 1936, Patek Philippe 5524g calatrava pilot replica watch created a exceptional watch referred to as”hour angle dial” (with a unique feature, as the hour hand moves once in 24-hour and pointing the degrees of arc onto the centre circle divided into 360 degrees). Without being a proper re-edition of this watch, the 5524 was inspired by this fairly unknown piece — that is currently exposed in the brand’s museum.

The watch Patek came with Baselworld 2015 was quite classical — gothic applied numerals and antique pilot’s hands (that compared to the Zenith Type 20 watches) — but if considering Patek’s creation, it had been somehow radically different. So different that this watch proved to be a hot topic of discussion. Back then, it was surely a misunderstood invention. Still, the view had some arguments and, 3 years after its launching, many changed their minds — including me — and also the 5524 became a vital element of their group (even with all the inaugural white gold/blue dial mix ).

With the Rose golden Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 5524R, it’s time for the reconciliation, as this 2018 version comes with a timeless and highly Patek colour combination: rose gold case and warm brown dial. Warmer, far more lavish and precious, the dial is not any longer matte but includes a sunray brushed pattern which adds to the luxurious appeal of the watch and creates pleasant reflections. Altogether, the watch drastically changes in terms of design but also of category — by a sports casual watch in white gold into a tasteful contemporary watch in rose gold. And in my books (I am sure many will share these feelings with me), this watch feels both more picky but also more desired. It re-gains the elegance you’re expecting from a Patek Philippe 5524g calatrava pilot travel time replica.

The dial is also quite intuitive. The local time is signaled by the main cathedral hands while the home hour is given by the skeletonised hand. The 6 o’clock-positioned date is, of course, linked to the local time and both time-zones gain from their particular day-night indicators (together with apertures at 3 and 9 o’clock, changing from white at day-time to blue at nighttime ). This traveller’s screen is complemented by a central second hand.

Inside the case is the well-known calibre Calibre 324 S C FUS (such as seconde fundamental fuseaux or central second time-zones). This movement is based on the symbolic self-winding calibre with central rotor located in various Calatrava watches and about the Nautilus 5711 or the Aquanaut 5167. Measuring 31mm in diameter with a height of 4.9mm, the movement has 294 parts and is enhanced using Patek’s innovations like a Gyromax® free sprung balance wheel and a Spiromax® balance spring. The high level of manual finishes and precision with a tolerance of no more than -3/+2 minutes per day — are corroborated from the Patek Philippe 5524g pilot travel time replica watches Seal.

The elegant casual look of this Patek Philippe 5524 rose gold fake watch Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 5524R is further enhanced by a nice calfskin strap with matte brown colour — and not a old-school shiny alligator strap, as frequently viewed at Patek — and a three-piece fastener system. In this case, the clevis fastener was motivated by the harnesses that allowed pilots to maintain their survival kits to hand and readily deployable.

The Patek Philippe calatrava 5524r clone watch Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 5524R is an impressive view. The new colour combination makes a huge impact concerning feel and look on the wrist, using a much more elegant touch. In the end, probably the version which Patek must have started first to avoid the talks seen in 2015… Price: EUR 43,210 — not cheap, but justified somehow by the execution and the beauty of this watch.