What is easy to forget about Patek Philippe 5950/1a replica watch is that now, they offer the broadest and most remarkable range of high-end calibers in the world. The depth of their research and production capabilities is downright extraordinary. This allows them to produce not just self-winding chronographs like everything you will see in the 5960 and 5980/5990, in addition to the in-house manually wound chrono located in the 5170, but also a few really impressive, ultra luxurious chronograph calibers that you rarely see in the actual world. 1 such example is mono-pusher split-seconds you visit here in the unbelievable 5950A.

The 5950A was launched at BaselWorld 2010, and it employs the incredible quality CHR 27-525PS, that was first seen in 2005 in the 5959P, and has been, and still is, the thinnest column-wheel chronograph caliber ever made. In fact, this movement was Patek’s first in-house chronograph movement, coming before even the self-winding movement found from the 5960, or first on screen manually wound movement located from the 5170 (which was really first found in the 7071R — a ladies chronograph). The CHR 27-525PS (PS is for petite seconds) is only 5.25 mm thick, and includes a plethora of impressive technical characteristics that allow for incredibly easy and dependable operation (if you want to read about them in detail, please see ).

Surrounding the grade on the caseback is a satin-finished ring frame with golden engravings at the corner, which match the dial function on the front, all done in black lacquer. The dial is silver opaline, features black oxidized Breguet numerals in 18k white gold. The case about the 5950A is stainless steel, as a tribute to a number of the most iconic and precious Patek Philippe reference 5950 replica watches of the past.

The 5950A is not a watch you’re very likely to see in any retailer’s window. A little handful are made annually, and they’re”program” pieces. The retail cost of the 5950A is 441,600 CHF, which might sound like a lot until you realize that they exchange in over $400,000 at auction, also. Additionally, with all Patek grand complications, the cost isn’t finalized until the watch is really delivered in the USA.

The 5950A is one of those pieces that few watch lovers are aware of, and much less can see in real life but make Patek that they are — that the king of high-end complications.