The Calatrava — widely considered to be the flagship lineup of Patek Philippe timepieces — has been first introduced in 1932, the first of its kind being the Ref. 96. Even after so many years (85 years and counting), the plan of the Calatrava has hardly changed in the first. Known for its delicate elegance, the Calatrava is timelessness incarnate and impervious to short-lived trends which are so systemic in today’s watchmaking industry. Arguably among the most emblematic Calatravas ever produced is that the Ref. 5119R-001 that surfaced in Baselworld 2006. We went hands-on with this attractiveness and found that there is more to it than meets the eye. Here, we bring you the technical details of the Calatrava Ref. 5119R-001 and our ideas on this charmer of a dress bit.

The case, dial, and hands

The dial of this Ref. Indeed, this is a timepiece that’s extremely confident in its own simplicity. Simple designs are usually devastatingly powerful, and at the Ref. 5119R,  Patek Philippe calatrava 5119g replica watch review has achieved just that. In our opinion, everything from the typography into the design is perfect; everything is in a state of balance. The elongated, black Roman numerals (including the”watchmaker’s four”) scream of eloquence and serve to create the white lacquered dial appear even more luminous. The moments sub-dial with its balanced placement and discreet scale also contributes — in no small part — into the beguiling image of this watch. But what we particularly enjoy on the face of the Ref. 5119R would be the hands. We feel that credit must be given to your choice of palms used to inform the hours, minutes (leaf-style palms ) and moments (baton-style hands ). The hands — most of which are left in black nickel-plated gold — are fittingly delicate and look graceful, almost gentle as they sweep across the dial. Separately, these dial components show traits of insightful design and implementation. Together, they create a visage that’s both charming and timeless.

The motion

The heart of the Ref. 5119R is your 130-part, 18-jewel Calibre 215 PS (PS for petite seconde). At just 2.55 mm thick, it’s one of the thinnest in Patek Philippe yupoo 5119g clone ‘s collection. The manually-wound Calibre 215 PS has a power reserve of about 44 hours while operating at a modern 4 Hz conquer rate. Bearing the esteemed Patek Philippe mens calatrava ref. 5119g fake watch Seal (the Geneva Seal pre-2009), the motion holds up from the brand’s strict standards on reliability, precision (maximum deviation of -3/+2 sec/day) and finishing. Indeed, in regards to the rate and performance of its movements, we can be certain that the fundamental pieces fare as well as its grand complication brethren — but is aesthetics compromised in the entry level? In case the Calibre 215 PS is not anything to go by, we would say that appearance is taken quite seriously by Patek Philippe at each level. Inspired by the Patek Philippe pockets see movements of older, the Calibre 215 PS is architecturally pleasing, which is more than what anyone could say about most foundation movements.

The competitive landscape

5119R-001 is an entry-level Patek Philippe nautilus 5119g replica timepiece, though that is not to say that it may be purchased with grocery money. The Ref. 5119R is priced at about USD21,400 or SGD29,000 and that is a good deal of coin to part with for exactly what the general public considers to be an obsolete time-telling device. Being a luxury good, it isn’t just unneeded for daily living, it also includes a bloated ransom. But that’s the inevitable price that we must cover to satisfy our interest and needs, to own something that has been painstakingly and superfluously crafted and decorated. Provided that we see value in craftsmanship and legacy, a fine mechanical timepiece — the Ref. 5119R included — will be worth its cost. The real question is though: how does the Ref. 5119R compare value to equal products from rivals?

Additionally competing against the Ref. 5119R for the wrists of clients is the acclaimed Saxonia Thin 37 mm from German powerhouse A. Lange & Söhne. The Saxonia Thin 37 mm, that was introduced mid-2016, followed from the launch of the 40 millimeter Saxonia Thin in SIHH earlier that year. While the 37 millimeter sizing may dissuade some, we believe that the proportions on the Saxonia Thin 37 mm are far better than its 40 millimeter sibling. The gorgeous Calibre L093.1 that compels both watches matches much snugglier in the 37 millimeter version. Even though the opinion lacks the rich legacy that empowers the Patek Ref. 5119R, it makes up for this with greater motion aesthetics. The 2.9 mm-thick Calibre L093.1 features movement decoration and finishing that is richer and more comprehensive than at the Patek Calibre 215 PS. Layout wise, the Saxonia Thin 37 mm is clean and glossy due to the shortage of a seconds sub-dial and using a plain but well-finished case. It’s a more austere look compared to Ref. 5119R but also one more fitting for the contemporary era. What’s also more’austere’ in the Saxonia Thin 37 mm compared to Ref. 5119R is pricing — the Saxonia Thin 37 mm is priced in an approachable USD14,800 or SGD21,300. Unless you is a huge history buff, there’s much value to be had in what’s likely to be the very best watch priced under USD15,000.

Concluding thoughts

The Ref. 5119R-001 speaks volumes of its manufacturer, not despite its classic design, but due to. In the event the perpetual calendar chronograph symbolises complicated watchmaking on a single side of the Patek Philippe calatrava date replica watches coin, then the Calatrava represents the other side of the coin that thrives on optimizing the conventional time-only apparel piece and its layout. 5119R-001 will not be for everybody especially given its miniature size, but it remains true to itself. As such, its design and craftsmanship will stay relevant for the forseeable future; it’s a real classic and consequently its heritage is unassailable.