Since its release in 1999, the Twenty-4 has been Patek Philippe’s entry-level version (all genders) and its best-selling women’s collection. Shaped like a necklace, with a rectangular case effortlessly incorporated into a metallic bracelet, it was — sadly — powered by a quartz movement (an in-house quartz motion for sure, but still battery-powered). A watch, so to speak, never really made it like a true Patek in our books. Yet, there’s a fresh version of the Patek Philippe us president 7300 replica watches Twenty-4. It is round, it’s more casual and sportier and it is powered through an automated motion.

The Patek Philippe Twenty-4 as we knew it until now — rectangular, little, bracelet-like and battery-powered. Here’s the steel version, ref. 4910-10A, the entry-level model at EUR 11,000 (also the most affordable Patek).
There’s no doubt that the Patek Philippe yupoo 7300 replica watches Twenty-4 Steel/Quartz was a commercial success for its Geneva-based brand. It certainly is the Maison’s most successful ladies’ collection. But is it really because of its inherent qualities or just as it’s by far the most available watch the brand offers? Bear in mind the Twenty-4 supposed you could put on a Patek for just over 10k… Not that we wonder the qualities of this watch however, the”aggressive” price surely played a huge part in its earnings. The fact that it is a shaped watch and, mainly, that it’s powered with the Calibre E15 (an in-house quartz motion ) meant that — sadly — we never covered it in MONOCHROME. The Twenty-4 is about to undergo a revolution along with the new version is packed with reasons that will convince women who need a gorgeous watch and a beautiful (mechanical) movement.

The newest Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Automatic isalso, as clearly indicated by its title, powered with a”real movement” — something which you would expect from an eye with Patek Philippe diamond yupoo 7300 fake watch emblazoned on the dial. However, this is not the only change. The brand has decided to radically alter the concept of the Twenty-4, together with the urge to make it more attractive, more modern, more casual — and we’ll allow our female readers judge if it is a success or not.

First and foremost, the situation moves out of a rectangular/bracelet-like appearance to a more classical, round alternative. Patek has chosen for a modern diameter of 36mm — with the idea of targeting a younger clientele. But this case is far more complex than just a round container. Changing the shape doesn’t mean that it completely eliminates the bracelet-like idea. The bracelet is still seamlessly integrated into the instance, with the measures of the links after the steps of the lugs giving the opinion a more tonneau-shaped shape. The same holds for the inter-lug module that echoes the form of the central link.

The bezel is also far more complicated than just two rows of diamonds surrounding the dial — again, the issue of owning only paved versions remains debatable, as we know from experience that some younger ladies prefer complete metallic watches. The bezel follows the curvature of this case and is increased at 12 and 6 o’clock to make continuity with the bracelet. Knowing that, it feels difficult to envision this watch with no metallic bracelet.

Based upon the version, the new Patek Philippe nautilus 7300 replica watches Twenty-4 Automatic features sunburst dials with the trendy gradient colour-scheme or a silvery-white dial decorated with a double vertical and flat satin finish, reminiscent of the texture of wild silk.

On all models, the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Automatic features sporty, pilot-like implemented numerals in gold with luminescent coating, echoing the Nautilus-like palms (curved batons) also treated with luminescent coating. Again the casual-modern motives behind this view are evident, even though the mix of pilot watch features and Nautilus elements might have been weird. All models are classic time-and-date versions, together with the date window positioned at 6 o’clock.

Our primary satisfaction with this brand new, round Patek Philippe & co geneve 7300 clone Twenty-4 is to observe the addition of a true motion and not a different quartz-regulated calibre. Inside the situation is Patek’s emblematic, entry-level self-winding calibre, the 324 — a motion that’s located in certain Calatravas, at the Aquanaut 5167A or in the Nautilus 5711A. Thin, well decorated and equipped with multiple contemporary technologies (Gyromax and Spiromax escapement parts), it is observable here through a sapphire caseback.

This movement is thin, at just 3.3mm, so we’re still somewhat surprised by the 10mm height of this circumstance. What’s a fantastic movement, with a wonderful 21k gold core rotor, polished bevels and Geneva stripes.