In 2015, a new version of the Patek Philippe 5153 was introduced in a rose gold case. I didn’t have the chance to create a review of the watch as I saw it late last year.

I believe it’s also pleasant to generate a pause following the Baselworld 2016 novelties we discovered one month past, and have a close look at something different we aren’t utilised to viewing often. Do not worry, I will continue to post some shots (after the newest 5327R last week) during the upcoming few weeks until I return to the hands-on reviews.

As it represents a very different Calatrava offer from the 5196 and 5227 present references or the 5127(past generations), and as this benchmark always had a very special flavor in terms of sophistication, I think it’s interesting to shed a little light on it. It is definitely a very nice alternative in the sphere of simple Calatravas.

To begin with, I’d like to mention I especially like seeing this R version. Although black dials are extremely popular, the rose gold color from Patek Philippe calatrava small seconds 5153r replica watch is among my favorite since it isn’t too loaded in aluminum, thus the colour remains lighter than most of the increased gold instances I could manage previously. It is hence a bit more discreet and definitely more elegant that way. Incidentally, I often discovered that the work of a case (curves etc.. .) Is easier to observe, the details stand out better, on a colored gold watch compared to a white metal . These are two aspects of increased gold I appreciate a lot, particularly from Patek.

This specific Calatrava reference is easily recognizable with its more poetic and rounder case improved by its own Officer’s caseback feature. This situation creates an echo from the conventional pocket watches style and opening feature. The hinge is on the crown side whereas about the newer 5227’s it’s put on the other side of the circumstance.

The 5153 is calculating the case we find in other references as the 5159 for example (equally in 38mm) and lugs shape which is quite elegant option. As a three-hands view, it is very refined although in a different interpretation in the pure kind of their thinner 3-hands references? But, it gives rise to a more conventional style, after the start of 20th century’s trend. This great soul is embodied in the situation’s shape but also its proportions thanks to a 9.7mm height versus 9.2mm to the 5227 which also supplies a hunter-type caseback. I don’t feel a thinner case of the shape would have left this belief as well.


On the flip side, it’s hour employed markers just, without any kind of numerals. The dial is quite legible that way and you’ll notice also that these markers are perfectly matching with the Dauphine hands(antagonistic orientation).

Additionally, I find the minute dots (in the style of”Cabochons” claws ) supporting the five-minute triangular markers very decent. The fact they’re on the rim side leaves a very clear dial in the center. As you have discovered that the center of the dial is decorated with a soft sunray hand-guilloch√© pattern (2 kinds of rays) and a very well integrated Patek Philippe¬†calatrava black 5153r replica logo. I locate the date has an extremely proportionate size compared to the mark, it respects the visual five moments sequence and its fine metal frame is an ideal addition to deliver the exact same light reflecting aspect.

At length, the date, perfectly integrated at 3 o’clock, gives the final touch to the dial with a refined frame (a decorating detail Patek masters quite well as I mentioned in my 5227’s inspection and when discussing concerning the 5960P lately).


As I said, this reference is a lot more than a straightforward three-hands watch. It is a means to choose a simple and charming version in Patek Philippe calatrava ref 96 5153 fake watch ‘s collection I would place alongside a 5124 Gondolo model. Yes, they’re from two different worlds concerning personality but their disposition and robust character; the fact that they aren’t the most obvious choice but just how much they can bring to someone who knows how to comprehend and examine it, makes them cousins. Such as the Gondolo, its unique design and caseback really are a sort of”complication” on its own (maybe not but you find the idea…).