Let’s just call it as it is: that the 5370 is your ideal opinion Patek Philippe has produced lately. Maybe the ideal watch because the 5970, or perhaps before. The saying I’ve kept hearing from people I know and respect in Baselworld was”Pure Patek,” and I truly agree. This is the watch that reminds us that they really do care about their past, and about what people want, not just about making earnings. The case, the dial, the crown, the grade — everything about the new 5370 is just plain right. Let’s have a look at what it is like in the metal.

In a macro level, the 5370P is so special as it brings together the best of Patek now — a totally magnificent caliber made completely in-house — together with the best of yesterday — a traditional dial (tooth!) And crown and case that’s right from the 1940s. Let us first remind ourselves Patek Philippe 5370p split-seconds chronograph replica watches haven’t made a two-button pure split-seconds since, in the latest, 1971, and by then, we are speaking at greatest unique commissions at a speed of less than one example every few decades. I’m not speaking about that the 1563 found here, but instead the reference 1436, which is, in effect, a 130 with split module. The first examples, like seen in Jean-Claude Biver’s personal collection, featured crowns that were themselves the rattrapante activation, while after examples, like seen below, featured a button built into the crown.

So back to the issue at hand. The 5370P includes a 41 mm platinum case which is, without a doubt, among the best Patek has produced in years. This split-seconds chornograph features a concave bezel that combines perfectly with all the gentle camber of this sapphire crystal.

Something I haven’t mentioned yet is the balance, beauty, and pure blackness of this dial. The 5370P features a totally gorgeous rich black enamel dial with Breguet numerals. The dial is made in-house by Patek Philippe 5370p prezzo replica watches , and requires more than three hours just to polish it. The dial is solid white gold, and roasted in an oven in 850° C and then permitted to solidify to a glasslike consistency with controlled cooling — the outcome is an extreme black that won’t fade with time. The small”email” touch at six o’clock — French for”enamel” — indicates this actually is a very special watch.

What’s the 5370P about the wrist? Wonderful. Yes, this case is 41 mm and would I’ve preferred it in 39.5 mm like the 5170? I would, however I won’t criticize this decision at all because, after all, the 5370P is a split-seconds chronograph with a black dialup, and if there was a watch to acquire some millimeters, it is this one. The thickness of the full watch is 13.56 mm, which is not thin, but it also isn’t too thick either. Together with the 41 mm case size, this motion thickness balances out quite well. It should be said that this Patek Philippe 5370p-001 clone watch is almost a full two millimeters thinner than Lange’s Double-Split, and while 1.8 mm does not sound like much, it creates a world of a gap on the wrist.

The 5370P is absolutely one of the best watches Patek Philippe 5370p preis fake watches have introduced in years. It’s the watch we, as vintage Patek fans, have been waiting for, and it’s done a great deal for inspiring renewed vigor amongst modern Patek collectors. This will go down as a classic.