Oh what a difference a dial up (as well as material) may create. The 5270, a perpetual calendar chronograph from no less than Patek Philippe, was released in 2011 in white stone, updated in 2013 with a few new dials, those dials were substituted (nixed that”chin”), we saw it released in rose gold a bit afterwards, and we even saw a 5271P — that is a platinum watch covered in diamonds. The 5270 is a benchmark product for Patek Philippe 5270 rose gold replica watches , also within our detailed Week On The Wrist inspection by Paul Boutros, we declared it just about as nice a watch since was created in Switzerland in a specialized and finishing perspective. But a quality watch does not a strong seller make, and also the 5270, despite its watch nerd merits, just never acquired the cult status that its Lemania-based predecessor, the 5970 did.

The 5270 in all of its guises can be obtained relatively easily from authorized dealers, even being offered in the occasional reduction from said traders. It’s hard to say why this is — is it the slightly larger case size, the fancier lugs, the busier dial, the fact that being predicated on Patek’s own standard allows it to be produced with greater simplicity? It is difficult to say, really, but today’s announcement of a brand new 5270 — this time in platinum, will earn a marked change in the management of this reference.

Platinum is, naturally, the ultimate metal for Patek Philippe 5270 salmon replica watches (barring stainless steel or ceramic — used sparingly and practically not to complications). Platinum complicated watches tend to out perform their golden counterparts by a substantial margin. Take, by way of example, the 5070P, which sells for roughly double what the a 5070 in G, R, or J sells . The 5970P sells for probably $45,000 over some of the gold bits. And today, we’ve got a 5270P. And in addition to that, we’ve got it with a salmon toaster! With arabic numerals!

So not only is this brand new iteration of this 5270 platinum, it also features arguably among the hottest dial treatments around today for luxury watches — a salmon colored dial — and rather than sticking with the traditional stick numerals, we have Arabic (not Breguet) numerals. The look is plain awesome, and what a collector would want to see from a flagship reference. You will notice of course there is no chin at six o’clock, however, the apertures in 12 are not colour matched — I wish that they had been — but I will survive.

The simple fact that Patek has chosen to release its ultimate 5270 with a salmon colored dial is intriguing, and here’s why. Salmon has for the longest time been associated with extremely rare, special order pieces earmarked for its prominent collectors. Around precisely the exact same time, Patek created a salmon dial 5970 to our friend Jason Singer which was featured in his Talking Watches.

Many decades after, Patek Philippe 5270 perpetual calendar chronograph fake watches revived the 5970 in 2015 with a salmon dial, although with different hour markers, also announced it at the London Grand Exhibition. Though popular belief is that only five were created and all were delivered through London, I don’t feel this to be true and am mindful of these watches going through different retailers, including but not restricted to Wempe in London and the Geneva Salon. Regardless, any 5970 with salmon dial is quite valuable and rare. The piece below was observed at Ahmed Rahman’s Talking Watches episode.

Can I mention that Patek Philippe 5270 1r replica watch also fell a few 5070s with salmon dials, too? The watch at left was again part of this”classic” collection that many feel to be exlusive to London. The watch at right, with dauphine luminous hands and Breguet 12 was created earlier for a particular request from a client.

Salmon dial 3970 and 5004s do exist, both from the Clapton collection and elsewhere. Many have showcased the now famed”M.O” inscription at bottom for Michael Ovitz, the founder of CAA, who famously requested for several unique collections created, but others do pop up from time period.

Last year, Patek unveiled a normal production — if you can call it that, one has to complete a program — salmon dial up on its split-seconds perpetual calendar, the 5372P. An individual should not confuse this reference for your 5204 — it is thinner and smaller with a wide margin and is far more rare and complex. Also expensive. However, it was among the first catalogue watches to get a salmon dial.

And today, as mentioned above, we’ve got a 5270P with a skillet. It doesn’t seem like much, I know, but I just have this feeling that this one iteration of the 5270 would be the one which changes the path with this whole reference. It’s exactly what collectors needed — it’s what they have wanted — to take care of the 5270 again. As mentioned previously, it is a solid view, actually the benchmark for perpetual calendar chronographs in the world these days, but it was missing something — a killer spec’d reference — and today we’ve got one. I will be curious and excited to see how the requirement for the 5270P influences pricing and accessibility of the rest of the metals of this 5270. My guess is it is going to help, a great deal. Only time will tell.