This year, Patek place the focus on higher end complications, not the least of which will be the perpetual calendar. We’ve got an entirely new mention in the 5327, which is very much the same in the grand scheme of things, thought very much different in the world of Patek Philippe perpetual calendar 5327 replica watches. The opinion replaces the 5140, although the 5140 will stay in production in a black tuxedo dial along with a new gray dial, both in platinum for a limited time. The 5327’s narrative is all about the case and dial up, and in some way offers a whole lot of what modern Patek buyers may want — a larger case and Breguet dial.

First, one must understand the 5327 uses the exact same motion that has existed with Patek perpetuals for 35+ years — standard 240Q. So that means, technically, you’ll have roughly the same movement as you’ll see in the 5140 and the 3940 before that. That comes a great micro-rotor, self-winding caliber that is rather thin, and also a favorite among many purists.

The case, however, is exactly what makes the 5327, because first and foremost it is large — 39 mm. To get a Patek perpetual, this is a major thing. While I love my 3940 at 36 mm, I don’t have any doubt there’s real demand for a slightly bigger QP, and 39 mm is in fact what I believe to be an perfect size.

This instance is also radically different from those of the 5140 and 3940. It includes wider lugs, with a scalloped mid case that is almost equal to the 2013 release 5227 Calatrava. The dial is brushed with Breguet numerals that fill out the would-be blank space nicely. It is available in yellow and rose gold with ivory lacquered dials on both, and in white gold with a gorgeous blue sunburst dial.

So again, no sweeping changes here, but the introduction of a completely new perpetual calendar reference from Patek isn’t a small thing from the collectible watch universe — and we think the 39 millimeter case also Breguet dials will please most.