When Baselworld 2018 opened its doors, this new watch came as a surprise. We could have anticipated this grand complication to coincide with the 40th anniversary of this renowned model — that happened two decades back, with the presentation of this Platinum 3-hand 5711/1P and the White Gold Chronograph 5976/1G. Instead, Patek chose to wait for two years to introduce the first grand complication at the Nautilus collection. Following the chronograph, the annual calendar or the travel time, here’s the Patek Philippe 5740 prezzo replica watches Nautilus Perpetual Calendar 5740G.

In our publications, here in MONOCHROME, the genuine essence of the Nautilus is a time-only watch, with a predominant focus on the style, the design, and its own unique mixture of elegant luxury and sportiness. The Nautilus was born with just two hands and a date (together with the Ref. 3700, designed in 1976 by the late Gerald Genta) and the very coveted version in the group is its direct descendant, the 3-hander Ref. 5711. Therefore, the presence of other complications beyond the date is questionable. But this never prevented Patek adding something more to the mixture.

In 2006, when the set was entirely revamped for its 30th anniversary of the version , we observed the rise of complicated movements. While the time-and-date version (now Ref. 5711) remained the star of the series, Patek continued with the 5712, as well as a brand new model with an automatic chronograph, the 5980. In 2010, Patek introduced its trademark Annual Calendar complication (patented in 1996) into the Nautilus paving the way to classical complications. These days, the Geneva-based brand goes one step further with the first grand complication introduced at the Nautilus collection (editor’s note: that the 5740G is a grand complication according to Patek’s nomenclature, but maybe not in strict watchmaking conditions, as a grand complication is traditionally understood as the combination of chiming, chronograph and calendar serves ).

First of all, although the Patek Philippe ref. 5740 nautilus perpetual calendar fake watch Nautilus 5740G might feature a perpetual calendar it remains a Nautilus through and through. No question about this. Yes, we can debate the demand for such a drawback in a luxury sports watch. Yes, it seems very strange to have such a traditional screen in a watch which was designed to be genuinely avant-garde. However, on many levels, the 5740G remains true to the original concept designed by Genta in 1976.

As mentioned, it is the first time that Patek Philippe nautilus 5740/1g-001 clone understands this classic and traditional in terms of mechanics for the Nautilus. The chronograph is understandable, as we’re talking sports watches, the yearly calendar has the benefits of its modernity, but the QP is part of the highly traditional”holy grail” complications, along with the split-seconds chronograph, the tourbillon or the minute repeater (and we sincerely believe we will not be seeing these last two at the Nautilus case shortly ). So… Does a perpetual calendar is logical in a Nautilus? Objectively, no. And at the exact same time, the final result works just fine as this new complication doesn’t degrade or interfere with the original concept.

The simple idea behind the Nautilus would be to combine a contemporary, casual and sportier appeal to the conventional elegant, slender apparel of a legitimate Patek Philippe nautilus 5740 preis replica watches. In this view, the new Patek Philippe Nautilus Perpetual Calendar 5740G respects the codes. The situation is identical to a time-and-date Ref. 5711, both concerning shape, execution and (most importantly) of proportions. While Patek showed that it could be overly generous with all the 44mm chronograph 5976/1G made for its 40th anniversary, the QP 5740G remains true to the 40mm diameter (from 10 to 4 o’clock). Also, the instance is thicker than the two iconic steel models, using an 8.42mm thickness versus 8.30mm to the 5711A and 8.52mm to the 5712A. In short, the QP module included to calibre 240 is just not visible case-wise.

The rest of the watch is pure Nautilus. Though this Nautilus Perpetual Calendar 5740G is constructed from 18k white gold (meaning that it’s rather heavy, to say the least)we locate the hallmark curved ears on each side of the dial, the combination of brushed and polished surfaces, the integrated bracelet with polished central hyperlinks along with also the iconic octagonal bezel — shaped like a porthole. Nautilus, all the way. Being slightly more fragile, the case is water-resistant to 60m, even though it features a screw-down crown — like the 5712.

As for the dial, we’re somewhat sceptical when we saw the official images — you’ll be able to see them here. A few of them seemed just like that the dial was light blue in colour. The outcome is much more attractive in the flesh. The dial of the Nautilus Perpetual Calendar 5740G is indeed lighter then the one discovered on the 5711 for instance, and much more blue. Yet, it is also rather attractive. First, it shows the iconic grooved pattern as well as the touch hands and mark of this collection. Then, with the 3-6-9 layout, this view feels balanced and surprisingly not too busy. The integration of the QP screen is accomplished.

What to make of the Patek Philippe 5740/1g-001 replica watches Nautilus Perpetual Calendar 5740G. There’s little doubt about the quality of the implementation. This watch is really a demonstration of Patek Philippe’s savoir-faire: lean, bold, perfectly completed, balanced, complicated and in the end, desirable. Of course, it isn’t ideal (electricity reserve and numerous correctors). The question is more about the relevance of a QP at a Nautilus. Even though our hearts will always have a taste for the first 5711 (or the 3700), the perpetual calendar doesn’t feel improper from the context and Patek offers a new flagship to its iconic set that’s harmonious, infrequent and ultra-luxurious — without being ostentatious.