The background surrounding the first perpetual calendar wristwatch is somewhat fuzzy, but also the Patek Philippe 5320g precio replica watches Ref. 97975 is widely considered to be among, if not the first wristwatch to incorporate a continuous calendar. As a result, there’s something special if Patek Philippe releases a brand new perpetual calendar view. And this was exactly what happened earlier this year at Baselworld 2017 when they announced the new Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Ref. 5320G, that is a little special since it adapts and combines traits of various classic Patek Philippe perpetual calendar watches.

There is something quite special about wearing a perpetual calendar view from Patek Philippe 5320g precio imitation watches, or any perpetual calendar watch for this matter. It alleviates its owners of this arduous task of needing to adjust the watch into account for the inconsistencies of the number of days in a month. Helpfully, it also shows the current day and month, as well as the date and phase of the moon. It is almost as if there’s a microprocessor within the watch.

Starting with the case, it’s 40mm in diameter and done in gold. As for me, I feel that 40mm really is the sweet spot, in my view, and the Patek Philippe Ref. 5320G seems neither too bulky nor too yummy on the wrist. The case has many elements worth talking about and the layout appears to have been influenced from the Ref. 3449 perpetual calendar from the’60s. The stepped lug concept, particularly, is an intriguing touch that is rarely seen on brand new watches.

Regrettably, despite being made from a single block of gold, water resistance is still rated at only 30m. Although not always a deal-breaker for this type of watch, a greater water resistance would have been welcomed, especially for folks who are less cautious with their watches water. The last thing you want is to damage your precious Patek just because you were somewhat careless while washing your own hands.

The dial comes from a warm ivory cream colour that I like very much. The color is rich and consistent throughout the dialup, but it needs to be noted that it’s lacquer rather than enamel. The dial setup is timeless Patek Philippe 5320g chrono24 clone : apertures for the month and day at 12 o’clock, a moon phase display and date sub-dial in 6 o’clock. On the right of the date sub-dial you also have the leap year index, as well as the left you get a day/night indicator. All of the perpetual calendar indications are well-sized and easy to read in a glance.

The Caliber 324SQ movement inside is new. While older perpetual calendars from Patek utilized the Caliber 240Q, the Ref. 5320G breaks tradition by using this new motion, which is essentially the base Caliber 324 fitted using a perpetual calendar module. The largest difference is the Caliber 324SQ relies on a complete rotor to end its mainspring, which should mean faster winding when worn on the wrist. The older Caliber 240Q uses a micro-rotor.

The Caliber 324SQ has all the niceties afforded to contemporary Patek moves, which comprises a Gyromax balance, a Spiromax balance spring, and a large 21k gold rotor. It consists of 367 components, and despite the use of a full size rotor, it is fairly thin at only 4.97mm. It beats at 4Hz and it is finely finished with generous applications of perlage on the major plate, as well as beveling and Côtes p Genève on the bridges. Nevertheless, it doesn’t really have the amount of detail which you would find on an A. Lange & Söhne and that’s something prospective buyers should take note.

The new Patek Philippe 5320g prix replica watches Ref. 5320G is a magical watch with many nice design touches. I especially enjoy the stepped case and lugs, as well as the ivory dial and hour markers. The syringe-style palms are rather cool also, but, believe it or not, I’m actually indifferent towards them.

For the lucky and few people on the marketplace for a perpetual calendar watch from Patek Philippe reference 5320g replica watches , the brand new Ref. 5320G represents an intriguing option. Compared to this Ref. 5140, the Ref. 5320G is definitely more sterile and stands outside. Once it costs considerably less than the Ref. 5327, I guessed a reduce price-tag would be attached to the watch.