This year is the 20th anniversary of the Aquanaut, and also to observe Patek Philippe aquanaut 5168g 42mm replica watch has generated the ref. 5168G. Initially the Aquanaut was created in stainless steel and using a black dial, very much enjoying the role of a casual sports opinion. Well, this version changes all that, with a hefty white gold case and a stunning blue dial. Now, do not get me wrong, this is not a dressy Aquanaut by almost any way. It is, however, a very distinct watch out of the Aquanaut you are likely knowledgeable about.

To begin, the 5168G includes a 42.2millimeter case made from solid gold. Compare that with the 40mm steel instance of this 5167A, and you will instantly realize this is not the same creature. The styling and proportions stay intact however, which means you get precisely the very same lines and the exact same mixture of polishing on the borders and cleaning on the cover of the bezel. This is the very first white golden Aquanaut, although equally the ref. 5167 (date and time ) along with the ref. 5164 (traveling time) can be found in gold.

Then there is the dial. Rather than an black, there’s a gorgeous blue gradient that turns black in the edges. It brings you in and longing to get a closer look. You receive exactly the exact Arabic numerals in white gold, with white gold luminous markers, and at three o’clock is your white date screen also. All in all, the dial stands out as the very best thing about this view.

Powering the opinion is your grade 324 SCthe exact same three-hand date motion which may be discovered at the 5167A. Meaning that with the larger case you get a peek at a rather little movement throughout the sapphire back. It might have been nice to find a new or upgraded quality here (or even a 40mm watch), instead of a bigger view with the exact same movement.