The Art Deco instance (mainly due to the case’s left-hand shape) is an excellent advantage of Patek Philippe¬†gondolo vintage 5124 replica watch ‘s present catalog and using a more straightforward but also a different in size (not mandatory smaller!) Gondolo is quite intriguing for Patek aficionados.

The 5124 mention existed in gold and this white golden variant represents the white alloy hence the sportier accession. Several years back (in 2011 when I recall well) there was a white gold variant, though a bit more classical on account of the colour and numerals’ options. The newest 5124G is significantly more modern, a motif that’s additionally supported from the Dauphine hands option (versus foliage ones in the prior G variant ).

You may know now that the 5124 is greater than a smaller and simpler 5200, which might have been the much easier approach to make it.

Its proportions are consequently more inclined to please Patek customers searching for a discreet casual watch but with a little style and uniqueness coming out of the 1920-1940’s: substantially personality, keeping in mind it’s still a rectangular opinion, but staying a classic.

The colour of the dialup, when it comes to 5200G, is flawlessly letting wearing it with a casual ensemble, throughout the week-end for example. The blue dial is all about precisely the exact same tone compared to the 5200G and contains a sunburst pattern that plays a whole lot with the mild reflection. This surely gives animation at a purer international outfit.

There are not any numerals of any type, only a gorgeous pair of gold faceted markers for your hours, over a minute scale. I think that this sort of situation makes the potency of this watch and it does not absolutely require numerals since it will seem lighter and more elegant such a manner.

An extra detail I enjoy very much (particularly in the 5200) is that the sapphire glass border finishing. Describing the glass within an”invisible” component is generally laborious, however in this circumstance, it brings yet another wonderful detail to front side. The faceted end is Art Deco also (such as the wall mirrors in precisely the exact same period) and stunning, much like the support of this dense substance, the edges are extremely sharp.

The manually-wound grade’s base is very different in the 5200, a detail you’ll be able to notice particularly from the bridges’ contour, as the 5124’s mechanism relies upon the 215 sketch however the mainplate and bridges are fully re-designed. No”round motion in a square instance” here.


In summary, I want to say that this can be a very well-born mention from the Gondolo household: the situation, the the grade are entirely coherent and operate with each other. This version has succeeded in blending a timeless but daring style design using a dressy and elegant watch. I state so as the contemporary side of a wristwatch is often encouraged by a “sporty” side. This it isn’t sporty at all but may be worn lightly as a very elegant model.

This 5124G is a wonderful option to some round Calatrava version should you would like to maintain the Patek elegance yet in a particular (i.e. unconventional now ) instance shape.

I am interested to see about your thoughts about this particular reference because it isn’t every year I suppose that we will discover a shaped watch in Basel.