The Patek Philippe Aquanaut isn’t the watch I’d initially wished to pay this week. I truly wanted rather to have a look at the modern Patek Philippe aquanaut 5167 replica watch Calatrava series, but after a few deep introspection and the final approval I was bound to miss a few key, passionately-held detail on that watch, I decided to push that article back a little while longer. Thus, we visit the Aquanaut–a watch about as suitable in second place here since Michael Phelps is in the pool; neither actually belongs there, but that is just what appears to be happening now.

The Patek Philippe Aquanaut travel time ref. 5650g replica watches, some series as lovingly controversial as the Nautilus is to Patek purists, however as contemporarily attractive to everybody else because its first release in 1997, is an opinion conceived with some hefty historical inspirations. Much like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore series would be to the original Royal Oak, the Aquanaut is a heavily influenced descendant of the 1976-released Nautilus, and consequently another bit somehow or another attached to the mind of watch-design legend Gérald Genta, founder of both the Royal Oak and the Nautilus.

The flagship reference within this modern series is Ref. 5167 (previously ). The piece is a 40-mm, steel-cased monster. With a porthole-inspired, brushed-steel bezel, accentuated”ear” crown guards, and a number of distinctive dial features, it is fairly evident to most the way the Aquanaut is descended in the Nautilus. The watch is powered with the superbly completed automatic Caliber 324SC (under; exactly the same movement used in the current Nautilus), also has a power reserve of 45 hoursa relatively low book with this lavish price tag, but most probably betting heavily on the fact that watch could become its customer’s daily wearer.

There is a reason the Aquanaut remains controversial with Patek purists — it’s, like the Nautilus many years before it, a watch which did not, and does not, match the standard idea of a luxury timepiece. Comparable to the AP Royal Oak and the Offshore (previously ) launch in 1993, all of these series defy that which we think a watch needed to match a certain price tag — and for that we should be grateful to Patek Philippe aquanaut ref. 5164a fake watch for maintaining horology interesting. While, personally, even if the price wasn’t a deciding factor, I don’t believe I’d ever own one, I totally understand why many want to. The Aquanaut is bold, it is interesting, and — unlike the Offshore’s connection to the Royal Oak — Patek desired it to be independent enough of the family while still giving the watch a very interesting history.